15 Days In Japan, What To Do?

15 Days In Japan, What To Do?

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With a rich culture and a society very unique in comparison to any on the whole planet, Japan is truly a beautiful country to visit. It is the home of diverse culture with rather bizarre practices such as people wearing masks everywhere, vending machine for almost all food items as well as having capsule and love hotels where people pay for cuddles. This is by far the rarest culture ever known and a fascinating one.

The country has been displayed as a country with thick, rich bamboo vegetation in the countryside, and very flashy township life. It is also known to have one of the most technological and futuristic towns in the world. This earthquake-prone nation has more than history and scientific research sites to offer. And in this article, we shall share with you a few of the towns you should definitely place on your list when you decide to spend your 15 days of vacation.

  1. Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan, and it is located on the south-eastern side of Japan’s mainland. The metropolis city will grace you with its blend of traditional and modern neon-lit streets. For the art and tech nerds, a visit to the Digital Art Museum will be an experience to cherish forever. The museum is one of a kind where the visitors can actively interact with the artwork majestically projected onto the walls. The imperial palace is another location you will appreciate for its history and architecture. Other places you must pass by are the Ginza district for shopping, the Mejji shrine, and the most popular Tokyo Skytree.

  1. Nikko

I am sure that most of you are quite familiar with samurais, ninjas, and geishas. Well, this is the place to visit if you want to learn and even get to see one or all of the persons mentioned above. This town is located in the mountainous region north of Tokyo and offers several sites displaying the rich ancient Edo Japan. People who visit the country for a spiritual guide will undoubtedly appreciate a visit to the Toshogu shrine, the Rinnoji Temple and the Futarasan Shrine, among others. A visit to the vast Botanical Garden, the Ryuzu waterfall or the Akechidaira plateau will offer the adventurous minds a panorama to forever recall.

  1. Hakone

Hakone town is found west of the capital and is known for its iconic view of the Mount Fuji and its hot spring Resorts. If you are up to a few days to enjoy cheap holidays to the fullest, be sure to include this town on your travel diary. The Hakone Ropeway aerial lift offers a clear and majestic view to the beautiful mountainous landscape of Mount Fuji. On your trip to this town be sure also to visit the crater water body, Lake Ashi where you can take a day sightseeing cruise. Other exemplary sites include the Owakudani Station, the Hakona open-air Museum, among others.

  1. Kyoto

Most famous for its Kyoto Geisha District, numerous Buddhist temples, gardens, and Shinto shrines, Kyoto is located on the island of Honshu. It is home to the infamous UNESCO historical site where you get to learn about the town’s history and you even get to enjoy a traditional Japanese lunch which is included in the trip. A should pay a visit to the Jotokuji Temple and get to enjoy a traditional tea ceremony, as well as learn how to make Ramen from scratch in this town.

  1. Nara

Full for Nara-shi, this town is located just minutes from the Kyoto town. It is well known for its picturesque scenery of temples, serene gardens, and shrines. During your visit here be sure to visit the Todai-Ji Temple which is home to the famous Daibutstu, the Great Buddha for spiritual fulfillment. Other sceneries you may relish are the Nara-Koenpark, the Nara National Museum, and to finish off, the Naramachi shopping district to collect a few relics for friends and family back home.

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