Antigua Car Rental

Antigua Car Rental

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Getting your eye on the new experiences of a beautiful locality is the first priority of every individual going to a new place to explore and travel. This experience becomes more profound and interesting if it gives you an opportunity to experience it in your own unique and desired way. Car rentals in different places are one such aspect which adds on to this kind of experience along with satisfying the requirements of travelers for a business or other reasons apart from leisure. It gives you more freedom to visit all the points of attraction in a particular place based on your desired schedule and time. Antigua car rentals are best known for their affordable car rentals which offer a wide variety of rental options for the travelers depending upon their individual preferences and requirements. Here are some of the options that are extensively available for the travelers coming and staying in Antigua for different purposes:

Leisure and short travel

The travelers coming to Antigua for short travel and stay have the options of renting a mini, compact or midsize cars depending upon the capacity required. Cars like Kia Picanto, Toyota Yaris, Toyota Corolla, and Kia Cerato are some of the best and popular options available to the travelers. These compact and midsize cars provide enough space for the accommodation of four to five people which is ideal for a small family or a small group of people. It is even an effective choice for people who are not well acquainted with driving on the roads of Antigua by distributing the load in equal quantity. It is any day a better option to rent two or three of these options rather than renting a big car or a minivan when the intent of travel is a short stay.

Business travel

Apart from a variety of car rentals like the midsize to compact cars, SUVs are the most preferred ones for business travelers as it offers a car class rental choice for the various delegates and business people coming to Antigua for professional reasons. Compact and Luxury SUVs like the Daihatsu Terios, Suzuki Vitara, Toyota Rav4 are some of the popular rentals which are widely rented for these purposes. These SUVs can accommodate around five people on an average which makes it very convenient for travel whether it is a short distance or a long distance. Apart from business purposes, various SUVs are also rented when it comes to people desiring a car class rentals in Antigua.

Other popular rentals

There are certain favored rental options like the Jeep Wrangler, Hyundai Tucson, Hyundai Santa Fe, Toyota Fortuner, Nissan Pathfinder, and Toyota Voxy Van which are rented for leisure, adventure and business occasions. These jeeps and minivans offer a wider capacity by accommodating more number of people which makes it ideal for a short distance as well as long-distance travel. These are some of the ideal cars that can be rented to cater to the unpredictable roads in certain parts of Antigua. Due to the robustness and prolific efficiency of these cars, they make some of the most desired car rental options in Antigua.

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