Bali Honeymoon Packages

Bali Honeymoon Packages

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Bali is a small island located in Indonesia. Despite it being small, Bali has a lot of diverse natural features, beautiful sceneries and culture. This is a major reason why couples and more so newlyweds prefer to visit Bali for their honeymoon. Bali is home to ancient Balinese temples, beautiful sandy beaches, waterfalls, volcanoes, rice paddles and cliffs. Apart from the beautiful nature and scenery, Bali has stunning luxury villas and is home to very high end and highly ranked hotels and resorts, so accommodation for the honeymooners is a guarantee.

The villas and hotels are located in different unique regions of Bali. The prices are favourable for honeymooners from the western part of the world. From the above, it is quite evident that Bali is diverse in many ways possible and that travellers more so, those that are there for the honeymoon get and find whatever they are looking for in Bali. Besides the variety of activities and places to stay while on the island, regions in Bali are very different from each other. For a traveller and honeymooners to get the best of what the island has to offer, they have to stay in different areas of the island and different types of accommodations. They also have to do new and unique things. For an excellent Bali, experience travellers ought to plan appropriately. In case you don’t have the time to plan your honeymoon, you can contact the Seven Holiday experts who specialise in tailor-made honeymoons to Bali.

Your stay at the island and most importantly your honeymoon will be a memorable one. Couples will spend their honeymoon in the most luxurious and most beautiful villas in Bali. While at the villa travellers will enjoy beautiful sceneries and views, swimming and excellent services from the well-trained staff. Seven-holiday experts create honeymoon packages according to your wishes and preferences. Honeymooners can decide the location of the luxury villa, from a five- star resort by the beach to a luxury tent on the slopes of a volcano or bungalow located somewhere in the remote island and so much forth. Different honeymoon packages to Bali offer different experiences to the newlyweds during their honeymoon. Below are some of the things or rather services that can be included in your Bali honeymoon package:

  • A romantic dinner on a boat or in a secret cave in Bali. The romantic dinner will occur at sunset
  • A romantic picnic in a jungle or on a cliff while enjoying the beautiful view of the oceans
  • A valuable and worthwhile romantic surprise that your partner will definitely like
  • Champagne or wine offered on a daily basis
  • Romantic activities such as volcano climbing, horse racing and bike cycling in the iconic rice terraces
  • Spa in picture worthy places
  • A romantic photo session that will take place on the hidden beach
  • Couples also experience a Balinese blessing ceremony provided by the most trusted wedding planner in Bali
  • Couples can also indulge in activities such as craft making and attending a Balinese cooking class.
  • A tour of Bali and Indonesia

It is a guarantee that newlyweds, honeymooner and those who have renewed their vows will have a memorable Bali honeymoon. All honeymoons can be customised and tailored to meet your preferences and requirements.

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