Booking a holiday that won’t burn a hole in your pocket

Booking a holiday that won’t burn a hole in your pocket

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Holidays always seem so expensive, and it can be off-putting, especially to anyone with children. However, there are ways to find inexpensive holidays, how excited would you feel if you managed to grab a holiday bargain, without burning a hole in your pocket, or spending all of your savings at once.

Look out for deals and flash sales. Holidaying sites and companies always splash their sale signs across their home pages and in their newsletters. Holidays sites that cater to cheaper holidays and bargain holidays, are very clear about their discount periods, and you may be able to find a nice holiday package for a fraction of the usual price. Sign up to website newsletters to get email alerts, and as much as it might seem like spam mail, a lot of those emails contain holiday deals and discount codes you can use.

Search mid-week, and book your flights in the early hours of the morning. It probably seems like a lot of effort, but booking on a Tuesday or Wednesday will actually save you money, and it’s been proven that, for certain flight providers, booking your flight late at night, or before 4am, will save you more money, compared to booking later in the day. Try not to book during the afternoon if you can help it, because sites expect traffic to be high at certain times of the day.

Booking a holiday for the colder months will save you much more money than you’d expect. Typically, people book their holidays between Easter and the end of summer. So you’re likely to find better deals for holidays between September and March. Travelling on a Tuesday is significantly cheaper too; if you’re not too worried about your outbound and inbound dates, make one of them a Tuesday, and you should notice a price change. According to travel experts, travel companies tend to adjust their prices on Tuesdays for holidays that aren’t selling well, or rooms that need to go faster. Try not to travel on a Friday or Saturday, as these are peak prices.

Try an alternative accommodation. Though hotels are convenient, there may be a idyllic hostel, a house share, or an Airbnb that you can book for much less than the hotel room that a site suggests. Sometimes, booking your flights and hotel separately can be cheaper too, as it allows you to shop around. Try searching for the cheapest flight first, then find accommodation to match the travel days that you’ve found.

Either book ridiculously early, several months to a year in advance, or book very last minute. Both of these options guarantee a cheaper holiday deal, and if you know that you’re going to do this, it will still give you time to save up for the holiday beforehand.

If you’re travelling to a nearby country or cities, try a different travel approach. There are trains, coaches, buses, and ferries that can take you where you want to go, rather than boarding a plane. Planes are usually more expensive.

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