Check out the Rewarding Benefits of a JetPrivilege Membership

Check out the Rewarding Benefits of a JetPrivilege Membership

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Wondering if it’s worth your time registering for the JetPrivilege programme from Jet Airways? Check out the wide array of benefits and perks of being a member of this prestigious frequent flier programme.

JetPrivilege is one of the most popular and rewarding frequent flier programmes in India. It’s the loyalty programme of Jet Airways that offers a whole array of loyalty rewards, perks, and benefits to the members.

The Basics of the Programme

JetPrivilege is a global loyalty reward programme that has five tiers – Blue, Blue Plus, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The Blue Tier is the basic and is the default tier for all members. Membership is free, and you can enrol using the JetPrivilege site.

As you earn miles and do other activities using the programme, you are upgraded to higher tiers. Once you become a member, you are awarded JPMiles, the currency of this programme, on all flights that you take with Jet Airways, Etihad Airways, 25+ airline partners and over 150+ programme partners. What’s more, members get access to exclusive member-only deals and offers.

Here are a few Benefits that Members enjoy when they enrol for JetPrivilege

  • Reward Tickets and Miles with Every Ticket Booking

This is one of the biggest benefits of the programme. JetPrivilege members earn bonus JPMiles with every ticket booked on Jet Airways, Etihad, and other partner airways. The percentage of miles earned depends on your tier levels.

Once you have accumulated sufficient points, you can redeem your points to earn reward tickets or earn free cabin upgrades on your revenue tickets.

  • Extra Baggage Allowance and Priority

Ever went overboard with shopping on your vacation and picked up souvenirs more than the standard baggage allowance? Did you ever have to pay a premium fee at the airport to check-in the extra baggage? Worry not, all JetPrivilege members get additional baggage allowance based on their tier level and the class of fare they have booked.

Additionally, JetPrivilege members enjoy priority baggage. This means your bags will be first out of the carousel and you can head out of the airport as soon as you leave the aircraft, thereby maximising your vacation time.

  • Lounge Access

Who wants to hang around in crowded waiting halls with overflowing bathrooms? Now, with a JetPrivilege membership, you can gain access to the lounges of Jet Airways and participating programme partners in both domestic and international airports.

Most lounges offer you free snacks, Wi-Fi, ports for charging your electronic devices, bottled water, beverages and much more. Now, you can enjoy a premium service even before you board the aircraft.

  • Dedicated Check-in Counters

Let’s agree that no one wants to stand in line, with bored kids and tons of luggage awaiting your turn to check-in. All members of JetPrivilege can access the dedicated check-in counters, simplifying the process and reducing the time you spend waiting in line.

What more, the special treatment doesn’t end here. You can board your aircraft before other members and get settled in your seat without having to rush.

  • Myriad Ways to Earn JPMiles

This is one of the biggest benefits of being a JetPrivilege member. You can earn miles even if you aren’t a frequent flier by stating your JetPrivilege membership number while renting a car, dining out, staying or shopping at any one of the 150+ programme partners. All these miles you earn from various categories are added to your account, which you can redeem on Award Flights or buy merchandise at the reward store.

If you’re looking forward to get started with a frequent flier programme in India, then JetPrivilege is the way to go forward. Easy to earn and redeem miles, and highly user-friendly, with a whole array of benefits and perks, there’s no wonder that JetPrivilege has won several prestigious awards and accolades.

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