Holidaying In Copenhagen For A Week? Get A Serviced Apartment!

Holidaying In Copenhagen For A Week? Get A Serviced Apartment!

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A lot of people love Scandinavia for the sheer beauty of the region. Denmark remains among the happiest countries in the world, and if you want to explore the beauty of the country without traveling a lot, Copenhagen is where you need to stay. The Danish capital is known for all the right reasons. It is an extremely safe city, with endless attractions, and people here are law-abiding, friendly and extremely generous. The city is also bike-friendly, and you can rent a bike almost anywhere to get around.

When it comes to staying comfortably, experts often recommend travelers to go for apartments in Copenhagen holiday, instead of regular hotels. Here’s more on what you need to know.

Where to find serviced apartments in Copenhagen?

Østerbro (Copenhagen East) is known to have some amazing serviced apartments, and you can find all sorts of choices, right from big penthouses to single bedroom apartments. Most of these apartments are designed and decorated to offer the perfect ambience you need on a Scandinavian holiday.

What to expect?

Serviced apartments in Copenhagen are often inclusive of all services that you may need. You can expect a fully functional kitchen, laundry services, private outdoor area, community areas, gyms and more. To be fair, not all apartments and rental properties are same in the city, so always do your homework. It is also an important aspect to check if these apartments and properties are adequately staffed, because you need to have help on the go.

Why serviced apartments are better in Copenhagen?

A lot of travelers seek comfort and privacy, and hotels hardly offer that ambience. Copenhagen is a laid-back city and there are endless things to see here, and with a home of your own, you can actually enjoy the city. We also recommend apartment hotels as a great alternative to hotels for large groups. For example, if you are a group of 10 people, a full penthouse with a sea view will be a much better choice than that of five hotel rooms. This also makes sense for business travelers, who often hate staying in cramped hotel rooms.

In conclusion

Copenhagen is a great city and would feel better when you are enjoying it at your pace. A serviced apartment is like a home, where you can come back by the end of the day and cook your own food with the freshest ingredients – something that Nordic cuisine is known for.

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