How To Arrange The Perfect Bali Traditional Morabito Beach Or Villa Wedding

How To Arrange The Perfect Bali Traditional Morabito Beach Or Villa Wedding

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Do you long for the perfect traditional Bali wedding in an exquisite setting? Then deciding between a Bali Villa and the Morabito Beach as the picturesque venue will be the only difficult choice you have to make.

Bali is home to uniquely magnificent luxury villas and breath-taking views that arise from gorgeous landscapes. Pristine sandy beaches bordering the deep blue ocean is one scenario.

Another is a sacred and stunning lake up on the highlands of an island or a villa in the heart of a Bali jungle.

So is a villa right upon the edge of that dramatically scenic ocean cliff.

The Bali Morabito Beach Wedding Option

The Morabito Art Villa provides an excellent venue for your dream wedding. It is an oasis that promises renewal and relaxation right in the middle of Bali’s naturally beautiful scenery.

Located on Berawa Beach within Canggu area of the western coast of Bali, Morabito Art Villa rests on a hectare of a flowery tropical park. It lies seventy-five meters from the Indian Ocean while the sixty-five square meter Beach House is made of antique teak wood.

Interior design and architecture is by French Jeweler Pascal Morabito and the villa sports the perfect mix of ancient and contemporary works of art. Terraces onto the beach, outside bath stones, and bathrooms with showers are other attractions.

Bali Villa Wedding Option

With this option, your dream wedding takes place on an extraordinary location somewhere within the island.

You get a pick from a number of superb private luxury villas. Choices include a wedding villa situated high on an oceanic cliff, one on the edge of a sandy pristine beach and Blue Ocean, or one deep in the jungle beside a lake on the highlands.

Uniquely Standard Options of Each Choice

Besides the scenic settings, you will have someone to hold your hand as you go about making preparations for your dream wedding.

The seven agency will provide a wedding package that covers an in-house makeup specialist, photographer and video recording specialists, standard transfer arrangements, and ultimately, an English speaking ceremony commitment celebrant.

The agency has specialists on call to handle wedding decorations. These include the flower arch, floral arrangements, the altar table, flower showers, ring pillows, boutonniere petal paths, and bridal bouquets.

A private luxury villa wedding setting brings out the advantage of having everything in one place. In addition, The Seven Agency brings together an assortment of proficient professionals to handle each aspect of the wedding.

The professionals include wedding butlers, master chefs to prepare mouthwatering dishes. They handle accommodation for your treasured guests, relatives and friends. The music, photograph sessions, entertainment, the wedding cake, and transport arrangements are in good hands.

Furthermore, The Seven Agency is a respected member of Bali Wedding Association. The firm is officially registered, operates from a spacious office in the middle of the Bali tourist area and is a local enterprise with western management. The result is a world class service that has created wonderful wedding experiences and memories for more than 2000 newly-wed couples.


The perfect Bali Traditional wedding ceremony need not remain in your dreams. With the Bali Morabito Beach or Villa Wedding, nothing is too crazy to make happen or too much to ask.

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