NYC Beyond The Obvious: Try Some Of These Ideas!

NYC Beyond The Obvious: Try Some Of These Ideas!

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Called the city that ‘never sleeps’, NYC offers a different experience for every visitor. From the incredible attractions and Lady Liberty, to over 80 museums, iconic restaurants and pizzerias, and Central Park, there is so much to explore. While you can always make a list of the top things to see, we have a list of experiences you can enjoy beyond the obvious.

Watch a show or concert

You may find shows for free in Central Park and other parts of NYC, but some of the special shows are worth paying for. Birdland Jazz Club, for instance, have many jazz-based shows every week, and most events are sold out well in advance. NYC locals love to enjoy concerts and jazz events, so it is wise to make your reservation well before your arrival.

Walk the High Line

The High Line is modeled on La Promenade Plantée in Paris and is a special kind of elevated park that’s been built on railway tracks that are now abandoned. You can walk the High Line to feel the air of NYC better, and yes, there are food stops in between. By the sunset, you can enjoy some spectacular views of the Hudson River.

Shop at Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market is located in old Nabisco factory and hosts a whole bunch of shops and mouthwatering eateries. No matter what kind of food you like, you will find something to gorge. It is also a popular place for the office goers who drop by for lunch. If you don’t have anything to do in peak summer, this is the place to go!

Brand buying at Dover Street Market

If you are hoping to shop for someone or for a special brand, we strongly recommend that you head to Dover Street Market. All of the leading and iconic fashion brands can be found here, and some of the installations are so stunning to just watch and appreciate.

Do visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art

It is almost impossible to see the entire Metropolitan Museum of Art in one day. New York has more than 80 museums, but this one stands out for the right reasons. Keep at least four to five hours to explore the most of it.

Finally, Central Park should be on your list, no matter what else you choose to do. It is also wise to spend a few hours riding a bike or simply mingling with others.

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