Relish Blissful Luxury at Kovalam Beach Resorts

Relish Blissful Luxury at Kovalam Beach Resorts

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One of the most beautiful tourist destinations in India, Kerala houses a little part of heaven named Kovalam, which is a village. And what attracts tourists not only from India but all over the world, is its gorgeous coastline made up of 3 main beaches – Leela Beach, Hawa Beach and Lighthouse Beach. In addition, there are luxurious beach resorts built around these beaches, which makes it a fantastic holiday destination and are certainly worth the splurge.

In spite of being developed as a captivating tourist place, beaches of Kovalam have maintained their status as a beautiful and placid destination for a holiday and has been untouched by the noisy crowded outside world. Kovalam is completely otherworldly destination with its air of peace and tranquility. And this is what is most sought-after these days.

  1. Leela Beach

Leela beach, also known as Samudra beach is one of the quietest beaches here. It is well known for its serene and calm aura. A large number of Ayurveda centers are situated in this area and is easy to get in here as it is near to the city Trivandrum. This beach is a perfect spot for honeymooners due to its tranquility and elegant view.

  1. Lighthouse beach

Then there is the Lighthouse beach where a lighthouse is situated, open to tourists so they enjoy a good view of the scenic beauty. This is the largest beach among the three beaches and is located in the southern part of Kovalam. This beach is a host to amazing seafood and adventurous water sports. The striking view of the lighthouse in the night is one of attractive aspects of this beach.

  1. Hawa Beach

Another major beach located in this area is Hawa beach. It is claimed to be the most beautiful beach in Kovalam credited due to the beautiful palm groves on this beach. This beach is usually populated by locally residing anglers who rely completely on fishing activities for their living.

Apart from the delightful views of these beaches, there are luxurious beach resorts, which make your holiday memorable with its exquisite services and indulgence. These fascinating beach resorts offer spellbinding experience to its guests. These sprawling resorts offer rooms with private decks with a direct view of the beach. Many of these resorts house cliff-top restaurants and suites with eye-catching scenic views.

Some of the activities you can enjoy at these resorts are boat ride in the lagoon, Ayurvedic wellness therapies that rejuvenate mind and body, fresh and scrumptious seafood, live concerts of famous south Indian dance forms and live bands. Some of the resorts even arrange for an adventurous fishing session with the fishermen.

KovalamBeach resorts areabsolutely a dreamland for newly wed honeymoon couples. The enthralling experiences that these beach resorts offer their guests become a lifetime memory for them.

With so many wonderful aspects, Kovalam scores full points as a number one tourist spot offering mesmerizing views and outstanding coastline and beaches alongwith best Kovalam Hotel offers. It is a must visit for someone who is looking for a restful and comforting retreat.

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