Top 5 lakes in Switzerland

Top 5 lakes in Switzerland

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Think of Switzerland and the first obvious thought that is bound to come to your mind is that of the mighty, snow-clad Alps. It is only after you start thinking more you may think of picture-perfect hamlets dotted with endless pastures, quaint gingerbread houses and pristine lakes. There is a large credit due to these pristine lakes that geographically add to the beauty of the hamlets and the country on the whole! It is because of these lakes that the hamlets are conducive of their appeal. Statistically, there are as many as a whopping 7000-odd lakes in Switzerland, which may leave you wondering which ones to see if you are planning an escapade here.

Following are the top 5 lakes in Switzerland that are a usual on even the Best Vacation Planner and make for a constructive Switzerland itinerary.

  1. Lake Lucerne

Location: Central Switzerland

Area: 113.6 km²
Max. depth: 214 m (702 ft)

Some of the most efficient trip planners out there, including TripHobo have grossed several user-generated trip plans of Switzerland that have marked Lake Lucerne as one attraction that has been consistently added. Earning it further significance is its size that marks this lake as the fourth largest lake in Switzerland. Hiking, cycling, and boating are some of the most popular activities noted at this lake.

  1. Lake Constance

Location: Switzerland-Germany-Austria

Area: 536 km²
Max. depth: 251 m (823 ft)

Not just limited to the top 5 lakes in Switzerland, the Lake Constance has two more countries bordering it, Germany and Austria. This is one of Europe’s most famous lakes owing to the continent’s very well-known cruises, beginning in Kreuzlingen making its way through the picturesque port towns of Schaffhausen and Stein am Rhein, that hold medieval period importance.

  1. Lake Geneva

Location: France-Switzerland

Area: 580 km²
Max depth: 310 m

Switzerland’s largest and arguably one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Lake Geneva is dotted with a gamut of avenues that give you opportunities to behold various experiences. From vineyards, nature trails, cities like Lausanne, waterfalls to castles Lake Geneva rightly justifies its popularity. The surreal backdrop of Jura Mountains simply makes a trip here a lifelong memory.

  1. Lake Neuchatel

Location: Romandy

Area: 580 km²tarmor
Max depth: 310 m

If you are someone who is easily charmed by a sunset, a visit to the lake Neuchatel has got to be on your list of things to do in Switzerland. With its distinct half-moon shape, the lake is popular for scenic cruise and yacht rides. To add to this dreamy picture are medieval castles and vineyards sprawling across foothills of regional mountains.

  1. Lake Thun

Location: Canton of Berne

Area: 48.3 km²

Max. depth: 217 m (712 ft)

Last but not the least, we have the mesmerizing Lake Thun on this list. Nestled amidst lush vegetation, rugged mountains, and Gothic-style buildings, the Lake Thun is a stunner in every sense. It derives its name from its location just south to the city of Thun. Its existence dates back to the tenth century as a result of glacial partitioning.

With this list of lakes, you have for you the top five lakes in Switzerland that ascertain one cherishing Swiss sojourn.

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